Read Books on Mobile

Post date: Aug 19, 2009 4:36:38 AM

Wanna read books on mobile...

What ever mobile you are having it is not a problem you can read books on your mobile..

If you are having a china mobile or any basic mobile which support txt files then follow the below way,

Just got to, It consist of wide collections of book search any book whch you want and while downloading select 'txt' file type. Now transfer this to your mobile.. you are all set to read..

If you want any technical books any other such books then goto and search for your interest. now select the download button on the top left corner of the Scribe activex control. In the format select 'txt'

If you are having any java enabled phone then follow the below steps,

download the txt book as mentioned in the above procedure.

upload the txt file in this url: , It will give you a jar file.

Now install the jar file as you are installing any other java application/games.

Now open the applications of your phone and you are ready to go..