Best Music Player for iOS (With Share to iOs /Android)

Post date: May 14, 2016 4:58:04 AM

Most of my friends use iTunes as music app in iphone. Its good if we really go in the purchase mode. But most of us no. Still we get the mp3 from the web and imports it into itunes and hence into phone.

For these kinds of mp3, better to go with apps like Documents than iTunes music. The advantages are as follows,

  • Easy to import (web or ftp or itunes)
  • Easy to organize with folders.
  • Easy to share.
    • If you want to share with any of your firends the just share the music via airdrop. Even this is not possible in iTunes music too.

So if you consider to use this app instead of docs, try it and let me know the feed back,

Documents 5 - Fast PDF reader and cloud download manager by Readdle